About Us


Single Star Group, with more than 35 years in business, is one of the leading manufacturers of Single cut polished diamonds in the world. With a global presence, the company has firmly established itself in important jewelry markets, specializing across the value chain from mines to market.

Deepak's association indirectly with major diamond mining companies like De Beers, Rio Tinto, Alrosa and others enables it to source. It procures diamonds from mining companies in Canada, Russia, Africa and Australia. Along with a robust employee base, the company has developed state-of-the-art factories equipped with the latest technological skills. Over the years, it has achieved a reputation of unique end-to-end supply capability and being the brown diamond specialist.


Deepak Patel

Diamond Manufacturing

For over 50 years, Sngle Star Group has kept pace with the latest technological developments in the industry. To strengthen its product offering SIngle Star Group has continously improved quality of its manufacturing operations around the world. All this is done with a single purpose: to create the finest quality diamonds.

Manufacturing Plants

Single Star Group's world-class manufacturing set-ups in India, are amongst the most technologically advanced in the industry. Spread over 10000 sq. ft. its work environment, production efficiency and quality has set the standard for the whole Group and has raised the bar among its peers. The group employs over 100 of the most skilled and experienced craftspeople dedicated to the finest makes.


Technologically, SIngle Star Group is constantly striving to achieve the best balance between value, yield and make. At every stage of production - from abstract planning down to the last exacting facet - it teams Sarin and OGI machines with the expertise of artisans to ensure the highest yields while rigorously maintaining quality. This systematic approach forms the basis of Single Star Group's strict and persistently pursued quality control. The use of lasers both for sawing and bruting has increased productivity and reduced diamond weight-loss.

Manufacturing Systems

At the heart of the group's manufacturing process is the Entrerprise Resource Planning IT system, developed in house, to control, monitor and integrate the production facility. This allows constant monitoring and controlling of the entire manufacturing process, right from planning and manufacturing to payrolls. This gives Single Star Group a firmer grip over quality, better flexibility, and increased scheduling and forecasting capacity. In addition it permits the flexibility needed to push through specific batches and prioritise stones based on specific requirements to cut. All this provides an edge in the chase to keep up with the ever-changing market trends and demands.